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Grace Latter


I’m Grace. I started this blog back in 2010, between lessons at college, probably when I should have been doing my English Lit coursework. I was a bag of feelings back then (well, not much has changed) and desperately needed somewhere to put all my teenage angst, self confidence wobbles and romantic woes. I’d scribble things down in one of my many notebooks that I’d keep in my oversized, heavily pin-badged satchel, but then I’d never feel like they’d gone anywhere. I was literally lugging them all around with me. So I made myself a little online space where I could get it all out, and set it all free.
A decade later, and I’ve got more than I ever expected from this not-so-little space. I’ve somehow racked up more than 700K views, got a few paid jobs on here and my social media channels, some casual enquiries from literary agents/publishers, and a whole gang of like-minded friends. But most importantly, this blog is still a huge help with my mental health, and I still feel happy and safe pouring my feelings into posts.

So… welcome to my little world. Let’s get weird.


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