Simple things that bring me joy every day include: 
– making a cup of nettle tea immediately after I wake up
– cuddling my hot water bottle as I sleep
– opening the shutters and wiping condensation off my beautiful big windows so the sunlight can pour in
– listening to podcasts (or Zoe Ball’s breakfast show on Radio 2) as I get ready for the day ahead
– 8am trips to Tesco, ranting and rambling to my nearest and dearest via voice notes
– taking a break from work at 10:30am to make coffee and participate in Popmaster
– high ceilings, exposed brick and repurposed scaffold plank shelving
– adopting sad plants that need some love
– stupidly gripping and ‘edgy’ Netflix book adaptations I can lap up in 24 hours


Grace is looking down at the camera, a hand under her chin, the sun making her face glow.

– dreaming up tattoos
– the kind souls working hard on the 111 line
– lamps, blankets and pointless cushions 
– putting the cheesiest movies on in the background while I do my late evening shifts
– meeting new people
– going to new places
– planning days around where I’m going for coffee
– saying ‘I love you’ sincerely to my pals and relatives
– glittery lipstick
– good skincare
– naked body earrings.
How about you? 

A close up of Grace's profile and earrings that are shaped like a naked body.

these beautiful earrings are handmade by Artist Bubblegum.